This is a summary of the last 16 mths since Keto OS came into my life. My experiment and personal results, customer results examples and feedback, and how you can try it out yourself too.

In July of 2016, a friend of mine started importing a new supplement to Australia from the USA.He couldn’t stop talking about it. An ‘exogenous ketone’ drink named Keto OS. I’d never heard of such a thing. I decided to do a month trial using one particular formula everyday (2.1), and since then my life and countless others I’ve shared it with, have transformed. Now I look forward to a drink of Keto OS as much as I know many of you crave your coffee each day! I’ve never liked coffee and never understood people’s addiction to caffeine. I never liked the feeling. The energy I get from Keto OS though, is phenomenal. Such a clean feeling. No jittery, amped up feeling. Can’t workout without it now!!

First up – What is ketosis?

The challenge of a ketogenic diet

The challenge of achieving a state of ketosis in the body is following the strict diet to get there naturally. Strict high fat – moderate protein – low carb diets, for most people, are NOT fun, nor is fasting for 5-6 days to convince your body to produce these magic ketones we can naturally produce.

What prompted me to create this experiment

After I started researching it, I watched this video on YouTube, posted back in September 2015. Pruvit who make Keto OS, were selling US$100,000 of this stuff per DAY! Every 32 minutes they had to cap the sales! People were really buying a lot of it, repeatedly. So I decided to try it.
I first posted my experiment here and here on Primal Health as well.

As a holistic health professional, my goal is to teach people how to create optimal health using nature, and ultimately how to be the best version of themselves. Control of your thoughts, breathing, clean water, organic food, regular movement with purpose, sleep, and minimal to no supplementation – real food should give you everything you need. So I was at first very apprehensive drinking a supplement everyday after being free from daily supplementation for so long, but the information flowing through from the US talking about how this stuff was helping people in so many ways, was coming thick and fast and sounded too good to be true. I can’t mock it if I don’t understand it – my credo for many years. I’ve learned to accept that people will not live to my levels of health even when being a client of mine for many years.

The ingredients looked fine, the stories of amazing fat loss, muscle growth without eating like a horse each day, fast and sustained energy, ‘brain fog’ being eliminated, sharper daily focus, impressive strength gains for athletes, and all round better moods, sleep and digestion for people. Even clearer skin for people with skin issues like psoriasis. It all sounded way good to be true. But I’m not one these days to just sit there and wait for peer reviewed journals to come out proving something works if there’s a mass of anecdotal information showing something is working. Hence, I decided to do a 30 day trial on myself and I invited a heap of people and clients to join me. What a ride it’s been!

My Keto OS Experiment

3 types of people were focused on:
1/ People that really really struggle with losing body fat.
2/ People wanting more energy and faster recovery to improve their athletic performance.
3/ People that have a major challenge in curbing their sugar cravings.


To measure subjective ‘feeling’ measurements as well as objective physical measurements and fitness performance over the course of 30 days, from consuming 1 x satchel per day of Keto OS, without changing diet or current exercise habits unless the supplement influenced the change.

If people were really serious, they measured their body size and fitness levels and took photos of themselves. People really keen to know exact measurements, went and got a DEXA scan. Others measured their blood ketone levels each day using a monitoring system.

I created a pre and post test video so people could keep me accountable! Here’s Part 2 showing my results of all my fitness tests.
Remeasure and Share:
Participants then had to re-measure and share their results on our Keto OS Customer Experience page that myself and fellow product promoters created to share, inspire and educate the community, as well as creating discussions about what did and didn’t work.


I had aspirations of collating the data and making some fancy pie charts to grab your attention, but after so much data coming in from myself and other promoters customers, I realised people wanted pictures, a little bit of data, and want to read the way people are feeling. Hence here’s a bit of each of them below.

My Results:

“I can honestly say after 1 month of taking this every day, my daily energy, especially during workouts as I’d drink it 30min prior, has been phenomenal. My sleep was amazing. My strength and cardiovascular strength improved massively. I’ve never put on 2kg muscle in 1 month either! So for a non-supp guy, I’m pretty impressed with Keto OS. For one week I was sick hence why it took 5 weeks. I’d experienced the negative effects of drinking alcohol as per normal on the weekend whilst using Keto OS. Having 2 diuretics in your system and not increasing my water intake as much, was a no-no. I felt dehydrated and flat. Now I’m drinking way more water and dropped my booze consumption.
I have now been taking it only prior to workouts for the last 4 months (using 2.1 and 3.0) and still feel my muscle size increasing and workouts improving, but yes I’ve felt the difference compared to having it every day. I now feel post exercise soreness, and don’t train as many days each week, in comparison to having it everyday. Some weeks in the first month I trained hard Crossfit style, 4-5 times a week. Just turning 40, I haven’t trained that many days in a row in years! It’s blown me away. I will continue to use Keto OS!” – Brad

Update: My 7 Month DEXA Scan – 5kg of muscle!

“Now it’s been 16 months. I drink 1 x Keto OS every day. It replaces my breakfast everyday. It satisfies me till between 11-1pm when I have my first meal of the day. No longer am I a slave to the Tupperware container anymore! 5-6 meals prior, now – ketones in the morning, solid lunch, snack mid arvo, dinner at night. I’ve saved so much money now on food, my body feels amazing, I’m continuing to put on muscle, and my sleep has been the best in so many years. I’m forever in debt to the power of exogenous ketones and this product, Keto OS” – Brad

Update: 16 months

Tim Thomas
“There is no doubt in my mind that Keto//OS has made a significant difference to me and I have the results to quantify it. The first improvement I noticed in the first couple of days was a lift in ‘brain fog’ for which I have suffered for years. Exercise wise, I had a solid 30 days PRIOR to testing with Keto OS, then I did the next 30 days of exercise with Keto OS. I’d like to also note, that I’m a trained health professional and can quantify accurately and could note where I’d made improvements.

The improvement in performance was gradual and not instantly mind blowing. It was probably a more noticeable improvement with my recovery and with my increased volume possible with training. I feel like Keto OS has helped me break through a huge barrier!” – Tim Thomas

Brad: It’s important to note here that Tim, had been eating a ketogenic diet for quite some time prior to using this supplement. He’d been measuring his blood ketones and working with a doctor. He had been unable to get into ketosis with diet alone. After three days of using Keto OS, he was in ketosis for the first time.

Steve Macri
“After 3 weeks of using Keto OS, I’ve powered through the days with more energy, strength and stamina. I then went on a short holiday during that time in the USA where I wasn’t eating the best, but still had high levels of energy.” – Steve Macri

Brad: What astounded me about Steve’s results was that for the last week and half over his 6 weeks, he’d run out of Keto OS and was in the US eating pretty lack lustre. He was still able to come back and out perform his fitness tests and he’d also dropped a significant bodyfat percentage. He did not get a DEXA scan so it can’t be confirmed but based on his superficial bodyfat skinfolds dropping only marginally, his bodyfat % still dropped 8%, potentially indicating a loss of deeper visceral fat around his organs. His waist measurements were where the majority of change occurred with his girth measurements.

Tim Pittorino
“While I’d like to say I’m in the ‘Health & Fitness’ industry, if I’m being honest, the industry could really be called the ‘How FAST can I LOSE WEIGHT and how EASY can you make it?’ business.
I’ve always been skeptical of weight loss fads and gimmicks, but after 22 years in the business, I’ve discovered the closest thing there is to the ‘magic weight loss pill’.

Picture 1: Me eating a 95% clean organic diet, training as hard as I possibly can 4-5 days/week.

Picture 2: Eating just as clean, training just as long + taking the supplement Keto OS.

Full story here:

Sam Gooding
Bex Rasmus
“After only a couple of days taking Keto OS, I was stoked with the energy and stamina I had for exercise (since I hadn’t in ages!), and how my muscles didn’t hurt after doing weight workouts and circuits with Brad.The Rash I’d now had for several years, started changing immediately! After a couple of weeks, my digestion was better, my mind clearer and focused, way less craving of my intolerant foods AND look at The Rash – it’s nearly gone!”

Learn more about Bex’s journey here:
My Ugly Rosacea Face Rash – Learnings PART 2

Other positive and negative feedback

Thomas B – Upon taking his first satchel of Keto OS
“Definitely felt a lift today!”

Becky S – Currently going through Breast Cancer and Chemotherapy – Former Bodybuilder
“Good luck everyone who is participating… I’ve nothing to say but huge positive things about not only Brad and his health knowledge, but the products success. As a patient going through cancer treatment it has been incredible for me on so many levels. Putting your body into ketosis helps with immune function over all health and in particular fighting disease. (Weight loss is just an added benefit!!) Getting into ketosis is virtually impossible for most as it requires Approx 16 hours of fasting. This product does it for you so much easier. Shifting from using glucose as fuel to ketones (and then fat!)”

Melissa I – Physiotherapist, group fitness instructor and manage of health retreat
“So far I am now 7 days in this experiment and I seem to be experiencing exactly the opposite symptoms to everyone else. I have put on weight, my clothes are definitely not looser, all my inflammation / tendonitis issues (there are numerous!) are more active than usual, I’m bloated, I feel tired and sluggish, irrespective of the amount of sleep I get, my performance is appalling (did 21km along Narrow Neck in the Blue Mtns yesterday and I was awful!). Have tried taking supplement before breakfast but no good on an empty stomach, tried with / after breakfast which is better (sort of) but stuffs my workout rather than makes it better, and tonight tried taking it with dinner which is not great as I now feel somewhat nauseous (pretty constant for a few hours after taking at any time of the day). Also get really cranky – weird but not pretty. At this stage I think I am far better off without. Do you have any thoughts?”
“I took supplement with dinner last night which is better than early morning and much better than on an empty stomach.”
“Feeling much better today so hopefully I have settled into it!”

– Client of Keto OS Promoter Tim P
“Tim so much more energy. Like triple. On fire all day long. No more ‘Christ I have yet to climb Everest’ at 3 pm in the afternoon. No weight loss as of yet….. Work and domestic goddess productivity soaring.”

Dave H – Personal Trainer – Upon 1st use of Keto OS
“Tastes pretty good! Workout was good today, dunno if placebo or if It actually helped haha!”

Christian D
– Crossfit Box Owner – Upon 1st use of Pruvit – Keto OS
Have used it once last Wed, felt good. Going to use again this afternoon so will let you know how I go.

Harry W – Crossfit Coach and Crossfit Games Athlete 2016
“A couple of things I have come across in 4 days of use. Note: I eat a very high carbohydrate diet (up to 520grams per day) focussed on timing carbohydrates effectively and cycling low/medium/high carb days depending on training volume to increase strength and performance. I sit at about 6% body fat and weigh 86kg. I found that on the product my strength training was almost immediately adversely affected. Whether consuming the ketones as a more predominant fuel source meant I was getting less out of he carbs I was consuming for training I’m not sure…
On the flip side aerobic conditioning and swimming felt really good the last few days!
Brad I’m not sure if you are testing strength as one of your markers for performance but I think it would be a good idea for your experiment! I know it’s not a long time to test the product but I’m going to stop using it and test it out with one of my clients to see the results she gets with fat loss.
For me personally I’m in a strength phase of programming so don’t want to mess with this. So would love if you tested strength also brad to see where you end up in a couple of weeks with a bit of a longer testing period!!”

Brad: Harry is now a product and promoter and addict!

Petr P
– CHEK Practitioner, Professional Dancer, Keto OS Promoter
“Hey guys. Personal experience in the past 3 weeks. I do lots of body weight strength training, rings, pole, Swiss ball etc…as well as regular dead lifting, lunging and squatting. And my strength increased HEAPS. Energy through the roof. I do not crave caffeine. I do 5 shows (dancing) through the week and 3 of them are on Saturday night and all of them quite endurance and I smash them like there no tomorrow and want to do 4th show.”

Lee Collier – Keto OS Promoter
“So I have been trialling Keto OS (as I was very sceptical). 3 days in a became a Promoter (and I haven’t looked back). Yes I am that smitten and passionate with this product as the results speak for themselves. I have been working my butt off trying to get it out there to the universe – Some have jumped in boots & all like myself , some are sitting back observing & some are well just not interested I guess… 3 days ago I ran out of my Keto OS and 3 days prior to that I was only doing half serves. Firstly I noticed my shoulder starting to cause me grief again and then my neck. My energy levels not up there like they were. My focus at the Gym has def gone south. Basically the positive buzz that was going on isn’t now.

So there you have it in a nut shell! My amazing Husband is now a Promoter as well!”

Karen Wade
– Keto OS Customer
“If you are in the clutches of Menopause – hot sweats, manic anxiety, foggy brain, loss of energy – in other words CRAZY hormones – then you need Keto OS.
3 weeks in and l have almost no hot moments (other than the fun kind), am sleeping better than l have in years, increased clarity, amazing energy and no anxiety.
My shape is slowly changing as the Keto OS places my body into ketosis so l am burning fat, stabilising my hormones and it’s making me feel wonderful.
I have actually lost my desire for sugar. Well maybe not my sneaky glass of wine
Life is looking pretty good”

So as you can see across the board, Keto OS is doing some amazing things for people. If you’d like to see more, friend me on Facebook here, then PM asking me to add you to our FB Customer Experience page so you can see more of whats happening in our community before you purchase some.
If you’d also like to PROMOTE Keto OS as I am, and import it to your country if you don’t live in the USA or Canada, please contact me. It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of.
Check out more information about the company and products here.

Note: Since experimenting with Keto OS, and loving the effects of it, I am now a Promoter of Keto OS and earn commissions from your purchase of the products through me.

Disclaimers: The information provided herein should not be considered as a substitute for the advice of a medical doctor or other healthcare professional. Furthermore, although several scientific studies have been conducted on the effects of Ketones, neither Ketones, nor any product shared in this testimonial have not been evaluated by Health Canada nor by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. KETO//OS is not a weight loss product and individual results for fat loss will vary depending upon the diet and exercise.

Keto OS – Pruvit – Brad Rasmus – Independent Promoter